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Kno, Inc. is an education software company on a mission to "Change The Way Students Learn." We believe engagement is a leading indicator of learning success and grades are a lagging indicator. So we have partnered with over 80 leading publishers to offer more than 200,000 interactive titles that make learning more engaging, efficient, and social for students.

Kno delivers the same books, only smarter. Students can now highlight, take notes, and search—all within the book. Students can also watch videos, interact with 3D models and simulations, and access web links—all at the point of learning. And when it's time to prepare for a paper or exam, Kno eTextbooks automatically generate flashcards, offers interactive end of chapter exercises, and journals all notes and highlights to create a study guide—all on the fly. Kno eTextbooks are available for all grade levels, from kindergarten through college, and can be accessed on a wide variety of devices and platforms—iPad, Android, Windows 7 & 8 and Web browsers. Using Kno, students can fit their entire backpack in one app.

Additionally, as part of Kno's commitment to "Do Well, Do Good," Kno has partnered with to create the Kno for Good program—providing $1 for every purchase made through Kno towards a classroom in need.

For more info, check us out at, or follow us at and

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