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Go Plastic Company is founded by the musician Siggy Blooms and the dancer and choreographer Cindy Hammer in 2010. Since 2012 Cindy Hammer and Susan Schubert are working as the leading heads of the company. Based in Dresden, they're producing pieces for stages, films and performances.
Interested in different arts, they're searching for pulsating connections between Genres like dance, scenic acting, music, composition, stage setting, video/film and light. And to create poetic images, expressive situations and physical movement languages.

Sage Productions:
2011 ROUNDABOUTYES ; = Ich Minus Glas = ; schwarze Tage weiße Nächte
2012 Alice I ; Alice II ; ::Asphaltwunder und Sirenen ein Roadtrip / Alice III:: MIT ALICE IN DEN STÄDTEN
2013 SzenariNo; WANKUKU Neufassung; TWIN SPOTS
2014 about:blank - einThriller


2009 The Rat (Dieu Hao Do)
2010 black and white duett; dust; le frou partout
2011 Basil; das letzte Hemd; four hands;
2012 Alice
2013 ADAM

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