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Operating Uganda Gorilla safaris, wildlife Tours and Budget Safaris. Buy gorilla permits for parc des volcanoes national park-Rwanda, Bwindi gorilla forest & Mgahinga national park-Uganda and Virunga park-DRC.Congo for gorilla trekking, chimpanzee & golden monkey tracking, birding watching excursions, game viewing, mountain hiking etc.
e-mail: info@katonatours.com
or jaquka@yahoo.com

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  • GORILLA TREKKING - Book Uganda Gorilla safaris, wildlife Tours and Budget Safaris in Rwanda and Uganda. Buy gorilla permits from us


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  1. vital information, thank you ORTPN for sensitisation and all the great work to conserve Rwanda's national parks. Katona Tours and Travel , we are behind you. www.katonatours.com
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    Beautiful video, very informative. Jackline of Katona Tours is also incredible. E-mail her for any queries regarding Rwanda and Uganda at jaquka@yahoo.com http://www.katonatours.com
  3. NICE PICTURES. www.gorillatreking.com
  4. my account has been flagged , please let me know the mistake i did then i will correct it. thanks
  5. GORILLA TOURS commented on RWANDA
    Wonderful video. Thanks a lot. www.katonatours.com