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From an engineering background, Gorune Aprikian directed for more than fifteen years newspapers such as Télé Star, Télé Poche, Le Film Français, Ciné Chiffres and Studio Magazine. He now dedicated himself to writing, directing and producing films since 2005.
• LUCAS Short film . Direction Gorune Aprikian with Nicolas Barberi 2013.
• PASSADE. Feature-length script, fiction, drama.
• VARTO. Feature-length film, fiction, drama. Winner of the First Scenario Trophy of the CNC 2007. Selected for the EQUINOXE workshops 2008. Assistance to rewriting of the French CNC.
• BURN-OUT. Short film . Direction Gorune Aprikian with Jean-Luc Barberi
• BOSPHORE. Theatre play written with Eric de Roquefeuil, staging Simon Abkarian.
• HOMMAGE. Short film, drama.
• COMME UN HOPLYTE DE LA GUERRE BLEUE. Feature-length film screenplay. Comedy, spying, detective.
• LES YEUX DE LEILA. Short story, adventure.
• MOSKVITCH MY LOVE of Aram Shahbazyan. (Feature-length film) within post-production.
• PARADJANOV of Serge Avédikian et Olena Fetisova (Feature-length film 95 mn). 2013 Ukraine/France/Géorgia/Arménia.
• Best ukrainian film - Odessa Film Festival 2013.
• ICI-BAS of Jean-Pierre Denis (Feature-length film – 104 mn). France with Celine Sallette et Eric Caravaca. 2012.
• LA YUMA of Florence Jaugey (Feature-length film – 90 mn). Nicaragua, France. Released in cinema theatres, September 2010. Price of feminine performance, Guadalajara 2010 . Jury Price, Malaga 2010.
• EZRA (Fiction ARTE – 104 mn) of Newton Aduaka. The difficult reinsertion of a child-soldier of Sierra Leone. Great Price of the FESPACO 2007. Great Price, Amiens 2007. Selected for the Review Week in Cannes, and Sundance festival 2007.
• OPERA MAGAZINE. Co-founder.2005
• LE FILM FRANÇAIS, STUDIO MAGAZINE, TELE STAR, TELE POCHE publisher of these magazines 1994 to 2004.
• L’USINE NOUVELLE, LSA, Marketing Manager from 1988 to 1994.
MINES SAINT-ETIENNE : Engineering diploma, 1981.