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Gowhere Hip Hop (GWHH), the #1 Chicago Hip Hop Blog, brings visitors the latest in mainstream and underground hip hop and R&B with a Chicago hip hop focus. We are dedicated to providing a positive outlet for unveiling underground talent to a mass audience, so we try to remain as an open source of exposure for unheard talent, so they can put their work out and be heard. In addition to the music, GWHH provides visitors with perspective into other forms of art and entertainment with consistent spotlights on art work, design, photography, sports, and anything Chicago. We are also a platform for aspiring music industry professionals to enroll in college-level courses as GWHH is taking a leadership role in an increasingly digital music industry to educate the next generation of music industry professionals. Our strategy is to attract a mainstream audience by providing their latest content while selectively focusing on talented, up and coming underground artists who gain more exposure from a broader, previously unfamiliar demographic.

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