Grace Church of Philly

3943 Lancaster Ave, Philadelphia

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The dream for Grace Church is to see God create in University City a Christian Church which clarifies what it means to be "Christian." We know we live in a culture that has witnessed many misrepresentations of both the Christian life and Christian message and that, consequently, finds neither Christians nor the church very attractive. We have chosen the word 'grace' for our church as a starting point in clarifying and communicating the essence and simplicity of Christianity. Grace is that undeserved, unearned blessing of God that meets us where we are and transforms us. 'Grace' is what we want to show to others, indiscriminately serving them and loving them in the name of Jesus. We ask you for the opportunity to share life together with you in an environment marked by grace. At the outset, we confess the imperfections of our grace and our need for more grace, but we desire to meet you as you are and to grow with you in understanding and living the magnificent grace of God.

Though we want you to visit our gathering and meet Christians who love, worship, and serve Jesus, we realize that because of the brevity and uncertainty of life, we may never get to meet you. Our primary concern is that you understand who Jesus is and why He came to give his life for you.

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