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Evan Harper

Whitby, ON
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Attending Centennial College in Toronto, Evan graduated the Broadcasting & Film program in 2007.

Over the next 3 years he went on to work for Princess Cruises as a Senior Videographer, filming in over 50 different countries.

Taking that experience back home to Toronto in 2010, Evan founded Grand Design Films with one goal in mind:

“What we try to craft at Grand Design Films are stories that promote, intrigue and inspire."

Serving the Durham Region and GTA, Grand Design Films is a video production company that fits big ideas into an affordable price.

• Current kit: Canon EOS C100, 5D Mark III and Mark II.
• Steadicam operator.
• Proficient in Adobe Premiere CS6, Final Cut Pro X and 7
• Previous experience: Red Scarlet, Canon XF300, Sony Z5U, Z7U, NX5U, EX1 and Panasonic HVX200.

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