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My career began in the military with fixing receivers and transmitters, eventually graduating to repairing and maintaining complex aircraft systems inflight.

I was hired right out of the service to work for Nortel (BNR) on GSM wireless technology, eventually moving into DMS-250 billing. I have worked for several telecom/data companies including Sprint, Motorola, Bell Labs, and Cisco Systems In 2001 I was laid off and then after another lay-off in the summer of 2002, I decided it was time to start my own gig.

I began by transferring people's 8 and 16mm film to DVD, and putting it to music. In the process, I learned how to edit footage, author DVDs, and engineer sound. I started buying camera equipment to shoot my own footage, and produced several martial arts training DVDs. This opened the door to corporate work.

I've created somewhat of a niche for myself producing videos for causes. Some of my clients include non-profits such as Making Strides Against Breast Cancer and the Boys & Girls Club of Concord. Other notable clients include Pitco Frialator, Manchester-Boston Regional Airport, Smith & Wesson, Montel Williams, Community Guaranty Savings Bank, The Balsams, The Inns & Spa at Mill Falls, the NH Episcopal Diocese, The NH Court System, Scribe Software, and many others.

In the ten years I've spent in this business, I have created friendships and relationships with actors, writers, directors, editors, camera operators, grip guys, trainers, and many others. This powerful group of people allows me to take on any project and exceed every client's expectations; guaranteed.

The military taught me respect and gave me discipline. Having my own business and being a parent taught me patience and the value of keeping your word. My walk with God has taught me humility. All these things make me who I am today.

My goal at this point of my life is to use my talent and resources to give back to this world. Video and film have a way of reaching people like nothing else. I plan to use it the fullest.

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