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Grant Baldwin has over a decade of experience in the Film/TV/Music industry. He has written, directed, shot, and edited corporate films for clients ranging from Easter Seals Kids Camps to Adobe. He has also worked behind the scenes, shooting EPK for multiple feature films and commercial productions. As a cinematographer who has worked small on indie shorts to large commercial productions, Grant believes that “every film can have emotion and beauty no matter what the subject.”

A professionally trained audio engineer and musician, Grant delivers projects with meticulous attention to technical detail. His style for shooting and editing is founded on his music composition background, and he has worked alongside many directors to establish a sense of pacing and mood for their films. He has composed music for movies and TV series including IMAX Sacred Planet, Limitless, and The O.C., as well as for our in house projects.

Grant directed, edited, and scored the feature documentary The Clean Bin Project which won 11 festival awards internationally. He was the 2010 recipient of the RCBC MOBI award for Journalism and Media.

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