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Grant Cardone is a Sale Training Consultant to Individuals and Business Coach, Author and CEO, of three businesses. Cardone provides sales training to individuals, companies and industry leaders on how to develop effective sales processes, sales teams, sales training technologies and sales training programs. His companies provide corporate sales training.

In addition to his speaking and consulting career, he is also a regular contributor on Fox News, Huffington Post, Business Week’s Business Exchange, and expert author for Ezine Articles. The Wall Street Journal, CNN, Reuters, CNBC, Today Show and over 600 radio shows, have covered his advice, articles and books.
He has created a number of successful sales and business programs including his books Sell To Survive and The Closer’s Survival Guide and soon to be released, Screw the Economy, Create Your Own. Mr. Cardone is also the author of the Rules of Success Motivational Program and the bestselling Automotive Training programs Control Without Confrontation and The One a Day Sales and Management Program.

Mr. Cardone became known in the business world with the development of his revolutionary sales techniques, which are now known as Information Assisted Selling (a non-confrontational 21st Century selling approach) His approach has led many people to claim his sales methodology is the first new thing written on selling in 50 years. He is often called on by the media as a sales and business expert on such topics as solutions for individuals and companies on how they can survive and seize market share in a contracting environment.

He authored a Foreclosure solution that went all the way to the new administration that would eliminate all foreclosures within six months of implementation. He also proposed a bill to provide for an alternative solution to the automotive bailout, which also went all the way up to Capitol Hill. In his proposals he shares how to achieve sales success, not a bail out plan, for the Automotive Crisis, which he covered in a TV appearance on the morning of the US presidential election.

Mr. Cardone has offices in Los Angeles, Orlando, Tucson and San Diego. He resides in Los Angeles with his wife, Elena Lyons Cardone and their daughter.

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