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I am a storyteller, filmmaker, entrepreneur and I recently challenged myself to create 30 videos in 30 days, each one unique with a strong story to tell or a specific film technique to explore. I will share the impetus for each day's story as well as the thought process behind each video and the production challenges I faced each day.


  1. FKY
  2. Variable
  3. sebastien montaz-rosset
  4. At First Sight Films
  5. alex varanese
  6. Studio Z Films
  7. Kessler Crane
  8. Blu Couture
  9. Cine Agency Inc
  10. FStoppers
  11. Freshsox
  12. Heart Stone Films
  13. Pacific Pictures
  14. Cloud Nine Creative
  15. Zacuto
  16. Ron Dawson | Dare Dreamer Media
  17. Ray Roman
  18. SidebySide Cinema

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