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GRAPE is the first strategic full-service digital agency on the Russian market. Part of Possible Worldwide, the global interactive marketing agency, part of WPP Digital.The agency was founded in 2002.

With strong growing teams in creative, client service, social media, production departments and CRM, the agency executes more than 100 successful digital projects every year. GRAPE`s clients include such brands as AXE, Rexona, Beeline, Alpen Gold, Transaero, Home Credit Bank, Philips, HTC, JTI, MAX, etc.

Works of the agency are highly appreciated by international and local awards (The Webby Awards, IAB MIXX Awards, Bees Awards, Golden Hammer, Globe Awards, FWA, ADCR, Silver Mercury, Идея!, KIAF, Advision Awards, Red Apple, RFA, etc.)

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