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Graphilm is a highly skilled and experienced production company, specialized in creating and providing services for animated products such as TV/web series, feature films, commercial spots, etc.
Graphilm covers a wide range of services: from pre-production, animation to post-production.
With over 20 years of activity, Graphilm boasts a considerable number of collaborations with large Italian and international productions (including Rai, Medusa, Ferrero Magic Production Group, Xilam-France, Canal+ and Ellipsanime) and it has collected both national and international prizes and awards in the animation sector’s leading events and Festivals.
The company is currently focused on increasing the development of its own properties and on consolidating and expanding its position on the international market.
In November 2013, Graphilm started the production of “Boom Boom”, a co-production Graphilm-RaiFiction, 26 x 26’ animated TV series.
“Boom Boom” is set during WWII and the series will go on the air in spring 2015, to commemorate the 70th Anniversary of the end of WWII.

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