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GRATLIN Webcomic Series - 15 Episodes

The year is 2064. Civilization is on the brink of a collapse. A malevolent Artificial Intelligence entity, The System, has emerged as the world’s leader. The System seeks to transform humanity into an image of itself…a digital species.

With a machine that can upload a human brain onto the net, The System offers mankind a tempting proposal: everlasting life. But there’s a catch: They must “retire” their biological bodies; they must know the true world no longer. The System calls this program the Global Dream.

Against a backdrop of riots, famine, and financial chaos, most turn to the Global Dream as their salvation. But within a small group of hackers, “The Society of Raiders,” there exists a strong suspicion that something more sinister is at stake. Soon the Raider’s leader, Gratlin, discovers the dark truth of the Global Dream…and begins a race against time to prevent the annihilation of the human race.


Production Credits:

Created, Produced, Directed & Written by Craig McCourry (
Character Renderings by Dmitry Klyuev
Cityscape Renderings by Rhys Griffiths
Background Renderings by Pavel Litvintsev
Copyediting by Andrew McFadyen-Ketchum, Anthony Antimuro & Janice Lynn Lee
All Characters, Artwork and Screenplay is Copyrighted by GRATLIN LLC, USA

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