Whitefish, MT

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Commercial Photographer and Freelance Helicam Pilot.

Jeff Scholl

Work Experience:
Fox "Legends and Lies"
History Channel "No Man's Land"
Animal Planet "American River Renegades"
HGTV "Log Cabin Living"
History Channel "Mountain Men" Season 2,3,4
National Geographic "Swamplands USA"
History Channel "Capture Cowboys"
NBC Sport "FLW Bass"
DIY "Ultimate Fishing Lodge"
DIY "Building Alaska"
ESPN "Buccaneers and Bones"
NBC SPORTS "Ford Fishing Frontiers"
NBC Sports "FLW Bass "
John Deere Harvesters
Versus "Ram Outdoorsman"
Toy Soldiers - "Come Find Us"
Aman Resorts - Amangiri
DIY "Ultimate Sportsman Lodge"
Outdoor Channel "The Buck Stops Here"
Versus "World of Beretta"
Versus "Browning Expeditions"
"Ruger Adventures"
NBC Sports "Dangerous Game"
Versus "Real Tree Monster Bulls"
World Cup Eventing - Rebecca Farm
NBC Sports "Elk Fever"
National Geographic - "Great Migrations"
BK Nexent
ESPN "Pirates of the Flats"
Boy Scouts of America - WELD
Discovery Velocity "Shooting the Stars"
A&E "Tracker" - Pilot
Outdoor Channel "Toyota Texas Bass Classic"

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