Grayden Laing

Toronto, Ontario

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I started out as a portrait artist and have since branched out into landscape painting, figurative sculpture, animation, cinematography, editing, and now I work as a colourist on television series. I'm currently wrapping up work as the colourist on the history doc series 'War Story', which is an in depth and often painful look at military conflict and how Canadians cope with it.

My hobby is video SEO research and implementation. Before that it was reading sci-fi books and Greek comedies. My most recent SEO video achievement was getting my Eggs Gone Wild animations to be the top result in Google Organic feed for the search 'funny eggs' ( You may not think this is impressive.. but I'm totally stoked abou it.

Over the past couple years I've focused on developing my stop-motion animation shows and increasing the number of cinematography gigs I do each year.

I also run the and websites to promote Canadian Animators and their work. (

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