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Nashville, TN

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Freelance cinematographer, editor, and filmmaker. I'm passionate about telling stories and creating memorable visuals. Film student at Belmont University.

Nashville | Los Angeles
Instagram/Twitter: @graysonpropst


  1. American Film Institute
  2. Alex Hoffman
  3. Paper Ghost Pictures
  4. Andrew Donoho
  5. Patrick Connor
  6. Tony Zhou
  7. Matt and Oz
  8. Brent Barbano
  9. FITC
  10. Blanket Fort Productions
  11. Matthew DeLisi Videography
  12. OMG Everywhere
  13. The Atlantic
  14. Brian Callaghan
  15. Alexa Carroll
  16. nabil elderkin
  18. B L Y T H E T H O M A S

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