Graziano Molteni - Director

Milan, Italy

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Through the years he has collected many experiences in several creative areas as actor (in commercials, theatre shows, Italian TV soap-opera “Vivere”, music videoclips for Italian musicians), radio speaker, camera operator, editor and finally director.

His interest in visual narrative starts in 1980. A young kid of 11, he begins to draw comics inspired by American and Japanese graphic novels and animations, of which he is a great fan.
Some years later he graduates in Arts & Graphics.
In 1991 he shoots and edits his first short movie (with analog technologies): PENSANDO A LEI (Thinking of her).
In 1999 he starts to attend a dubbing and acting course in Milano, and just a few months later he starts to have parts as a walk-on in Italian TV shows and as an extra in TV commercials.
Between 1999 and 2005 he works as actor, radio speaker, commercials dubber and as independent camera operator and editor.
In 2005 he writes and directs his first music video for the Italian musician Garbo (a big name of the 80s Italian New Wave): ONDA ELETTRICA (Electric Wave). The video wins the Best Story award (Independent Production) at the “7° Premio Videoclip Italiano” (7th Italian Music Video Award).
In 2006 he directs and plays his short movie UN PICCOLO FAVORE (A little favour).
In September he directs, co-produces and plays his short movie RITORNO A CASA (Homecoming).
Then in 2006 and 2007 he shoots and edits special backstage/corporate video for important companies and brands as Michelin, Blaupunkt, Crodino, Aperol, Lancia and Festival del Cinema di Venezia.
In 2007 he plays again in several commercials and TV promos, and directs the short movie LA PARTITA PIU’ IMPORTANTE DELLA STAGIONE for the short movie format “SOTTO5” produced by SKY Italy, Best Short Movies at ALL SPORTS LA FILM FESTIVAL 2010.
Now, he continues to play as an actor/dubber/speaker and to create, direct and edit his own projects.

Film director, film editor, actor, speaker, executive producer, producer.

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