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GRECO-ROMAN is a collective of musicians, DJs and artists on the Berlin-London axis who throw semi-irregular underground parties around Europe, run a genre-defying record label and DJ together as a rogue soundsystem. Run by Alexander 'Full Nelson' Waldron, Dominic Mentsh and Hot Chip's Joe Goddard.

GRECO-ROMAN RECORD LABEL is a springboard for new underground talent, having released irregular electronic popular music by Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs, Enchante, Hackman, Joe Goddard, Drums of Death, Mums of Death, Buraka Som Sistema, Grovesnor and David E Sugar. Greco-Roman like colourful music because they dance in the dark.

GRECO-ROMAN EVENTS are last-minute, under-the-radar musical experiments in off-kilter locations around the world: an arms factory in Moscow, a Spanish restaurant in Sydney, a swimming pool in Texas, a post-apocalyptic townhouse in Berlin and numerous galleries, warehouses, studios, car parks and railway arches in London.

GRECO-ROMAN SOUNDSYSTEM is a DJ team led by Full Nelson, back-to-back with any of the Greco-Roman family. A condensed version of their experimental soundclash parties, the eclectic Soundsystem has played improvised sets at Glastonbury, Bestival, Fabric, Big Chill, Field Day, Bloc, Calvi On The Rocks, Les Nuits Sonores, SXSW, Bugged Out!, Paris Social Club and many, many more.

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