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At the University of Chester, we recognise our responsibility to function with due concern for the environment in which we live and work, and to minimize the impact of our activities on the environment.

Our vision is of a just and sustainble world for present and future generations.

We seek to continually improve our environmental performance by implementing the EcoCampus Environmental Management System, which includes policies that allow us to set targets and objectives to minimize our impact on the environment. The performance of this will be subject to an Annual review and report. Policy Commitments are publically available.

Why Green Chester? We want to promote awareness and engagement, in order to achieve environmental sustainability through all of our educational activities.

How is Green Chester going to help to green our university? Through this campaign staff and students, driven by shared values, have the opportunity to transform the environmental impact of the way we work and learn together at the University of Chester.

What is Green Chester going to do? Communicate and engage on environmental sustainability initiatives with staff, students, prospective students and our wider community.

Green Chester supports the work of Green Advocates at the University of Chester to help us achieve our carbon reduction targets through initiatives and activities such as Green Impact, Student Switch off, The Big Green Makeover and Carbon Cutters.

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