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Portland, Oregon

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Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Visual Effects @ Art Institute of Portland
Graduated September 2013

Digital Media Production
Sound Designer

My academic and professional experience as a motion graphics designer and sound designer has
greatly contributed to my career in the design industry. Through diligence and hard work, I have
accomplished many goals. Of those goals, my completion of school has taught me patience,
perseverance, and a greater sense of self. All of which are critical aspects of good design. I like to
present work that demonstrates an organic and natural atmosphere while displaying technical sensibility. I am highly adaptable and multi-faceted with an eagerness to learn more through
experimentation, connection and contribution. Being intuitive and focused, in addition to, being able get along with others is something I take pride in. I believe that along with my talents, my future experiences will be a pronounced asset to my growth as an artist and designer.

If interested in music/sound production or visual effects work for hire, please contact me at

Best regards,

Chris Greene

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