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How would I introduce myself? Good question. Motion graphic designer, animator, 3D artist, graphic designer, artist, writer, creative… I guess all at one time or an other and that still holds true now.

Having spent many years in the creative industry in the areas of graphic design, web design & build and multimedia development, I decided to bite the bullet to focus on what gets me out of bed on a morning and keeps me burning the midnight oil. Animation has been my passion since the early 90's, although I have not always been able to pursue it full time, it never left my soul. So wether for commercial purposes or my own short animated film projects thats what keeps me going onward and upward.

Setting up as green eye dv in late 2010, allowed me further my ambitions in the field of animation. Working as a freelancer on a contract by contract basis finally allowed me to focus myself in one area of expertise. The fact that you don't know what the month ahead will bring keeps you sharp and on your toes. The variety of projects ranging from a TV commercial one week to a title sequence for a film or some project visualisation the next just keeps things interesting, not to mention the great people you meet along the way.

My passion and interest for short animated film and its apparent lack of notoriety in the world at large lead me to create CG Shorts first on Linkedin then on Google+, Twitter and Facebook as a way of bring this often overlooked genre to a wider audience. CG Shorts is a way for everyone who enjoy's short animated film and those who might not know the genre to access easily the ever-growing and varied range of content out there in an engaging way. Whether you just love watching them or have a passion to create them, CG Shorts is a growing network of like minded people.

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