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Yes, my main videos are TV Opening Credit Mashups. But there is more to it than that. These are my attempts to duplicate the look and feel of the original using source material from another show. Sometimes that means identically copying the actions from the original. Other times it means looking into the video source and make an entirely new interpretation. And occasionally the end product is something totally new.

There is also a lot of experimentation into how the effects were originally created and how these same effects might be done with simpler tools. Too many tutorials expect everybody to have gone out and purchase every plug-in for every program they own. Sometimes that is just not feasible.

No, sometimes you must look back to the past. Back to a time when none of this existed. Then find out how the special effects people did those effects. Mostly it was on film with acetate overlays and various coloring methods which created those effects.

So I always attempt to create any effect with only my editing program, Final Cut Pro and Photoshop. If that fails then I will resort to calling in After Effects. But only after I have exhausted what I can do with the bare bones tools.


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