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  1. Go Gather

    5 videos

    Go Gather is a Green Renaissance project which we film for fun in our free time. Our aim with this series of short films is to inspire people to, where possible, gather food sustainably from nature.

  2. Go Play

    5 videos

  3. Mining Is In My Community

    4 videos

    Mining, Communities, Environment and Justice Mining, when responsibly managed in accordance with legal requirements, may hold benefits for local communities. If not, its consequences can be distrastrous for communities’ health and wellbeing. Communities’ voices must be heard in public…

  4. WWF

    35 videos

    The below films are a portfolio of films produced by Green Renaissance - www.greenrenaissance.co.za showcasing the work of WWF South Africa. Some films are activations inspire by the work of WWF such as World Rhino Day.

  5. Nedbank Green Trust

    5 videos

    Since inception, the Nedbank Green Affinity programme has helped raise nearly R100 million for the funding of more than 150 major conservation projects funded by The Green Trust.

  6. Stop Fracking in the Karoo

    5 videos

    Shell is currently running a mass‐media campaign to assure South Africans that fracking in the Karoo will be environmentally safe and socially beneficial. A broad spectrum of environmental NGO’s believes that Shell is misleading the public, and that fracking will be a disaster for the Karoo. Green…

  7. Mazda Wildlife Fund

    9 videos

    Mazda Wildlife Fund supports 30 non-government and non-profit organization projects with 30 vehicles, covering aspect of conservation, research and environmental education.

  8. Mapungubwe

    4 videos

    South Africa's treasured World Heritage Site - Mapungubwe, is under severe threat. An Australian company, Coal of Africa Limited (CoAL) has recently been given the go ahead to begin construction of an opencast and underground coal mine. This short series of films was developed by www.greenrenaissance.co.za…

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