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  1. 16:44


    by Green Villain

    17 Videos

  2. 03:36

    Green Villain Gallery (2009-2014)

    by Green Villain

    2 Videos

    Green Villain Gallery was born in 2009 within the historic Clorox Bleach Factory. It was an incubator of cross cultural exchange. It was a club house filled with hidden rooms and back alleyways, artist…

  3. 06:20

    Green Villain Mural Program

    by Green Villain

    9 Videos

    Since its inception in May 2014, Green Villain has curated works all across the Hudson River Valley with the simple goal of creating platform for artists to create public works of art. Working directly…

  4. 08:52


    by Green Villain

    5 Videos

  5. 09:09

    Demolition Exhibition

    by Green Villain

    5 Videos

    What started as a the largest wall in our mural program's inventory evolved into our largest project to date—Demolition Exhibition. In Late 2013 we began a dialogue with the North East…

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