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Greenwood Management are an agricultural / forestry company focused on developing farm properties specifically within Brazil and Canada.

Established in 2008 the company has quickly grown to become a substantial farm operator in both countries.
In Brazil Greenwood Management owns and operates approximately 15,000 acres of forestry land planted with mixed forestry species as a farm crop. These species include Eucalyptus, acacia, teak, coconuts, and mahogany.

In Brazil the company also produces a number of different food crops many of this produce is sold within the local supermarkets of Barreiras, Bahia. Greenwood Management has announced that it will be developing wood processing facilities over the coming years in order to increase added value to its timber projects.

Greenwood Management in Canada is focused primarily on establishing Christmas tree farms, since 2008 the company has developed a number of sites within the province of New Brunswick and will continue to develop further sites over the coming years. 2014 marked the company's first Christmas tree harvest with many of the trees harvested being sold to retailers across the United States of America.

Greenwood Management also have a number of offices located across Europe and Hong Kong.

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