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Greg Kerr has been making movies since he was 11 years old, having premiered his first 3-minute film extravaganza (from an 8mm reel) in his living room. His passion for Science Fiction was equally limitless. At age 12, he wrote his first screenplay about nuclear waste-living, hideously mutated (but kind-hearted) aliens fighting off the invading (good-looking but wickedly rotten) enemy. As Greg points out, “I always like to play against stereotype.” In his award-winning film, Unremembered, Tina Plantes (played by Karla Mason) does just that. A “brilliant, beautiful and unconventional physics teacher” demonstrates, says Greg, that physics is no longer just for geeky men.

A native Oregonian, Greg has lived in Portland many years. He has a Master's degree in writing from Portland State University and a Bachelor's degree in history with an emphasis in ancient civilizations from Northern Arizona University. By day (and evenings … and weekends), Greg teaches script writing and Web design classes at Portland Community College, reserving the summers for filmmaking. His next project is already in the initial stages of development and it will be another high-concept science fiction film. A big believer in budgeting, Greg is also working diligently to allocate the proper funds to pay cast and crew members and continue promoting locally-produced independent films. “I’m really lucky to get to do what I love,” says Greg, “I want to help others to be able to do the same. There’s so much talent in this city and I really hope we can get the rest of the country to take notice.”

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