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GOD ROCKS! I consult as a practitioner in SEO, SMO, VSEO, Mobile Marketing & IPTV. As a futurist, I enjoy extrapolating and expounding on the exponentiating relevance of Material Replication using 3D Printers, Holography, Augmented Reality, True Telepresence, NanoTechnology, Ubiquitous Computing, Quantum Computing, Genetic Design, Astrobiology, Transhumanism, the Technological Singularity, "Free" Energy, Torsion Physics, Temporal Mechanics, and similar fields of study and practice. I love the God-granted epiphanies of the aforementioned as He shines revelatory light into Bible Prophecy, Eschatology, Angelology, Demonology, so-called Extraterrestrial Visitation, Exo-political agendas, and His Second Coming! I find documented media on all of these subjects timely and am currently discovering non-coincidental "coincidences" in Exo-Vaticana/Astrobiology; Synchronized, Biblically-Endorsed Extra-Biblical manuscripts, and Epicentral-Middle-East Geo-Political developments! We are living in a time of such extreme prophetic significance and apocalyptic acceleration that few can deny the uniqueness of what is unfolding before our eyes! Are there any Biblically-proportionate similarities in our past so great? If there is one time similar in scope, magnitude and impact then surely it must be what Jesus of Nazareth termed as "The Days of Noah!"

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