Greg Von Doersten

Jackson, WY and Los Angles, CA

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Greg Von Doersten is a commercial photographer, director, producer and cinmematographer globally recognized as a leader in the action sports, adventure and travel photography fields. Based in Jackson, Wyoming with the outdoors as his primary canvas, Greg has moved through myriad environments to capture iconic images and motion frames from around the world.

Over the last two decades, Von Doersten has traveled the world while pursuing innovative, dynamic images for his diversified clients that are story driven. Greg strives to recognize and elucidate his client’s branding identity. He knows how to illuminate a creative concept and push it to another level.

Whether Greg is chasing kayaks on the Inga Rapids, the largest rapids in the world on the Congo River, or igniting the branding ethos of Helly Hansen in Antarctica, the work he produces is genuine and visually tells a story. It stimulates, inspires and has the rare ability to create a genuine window into the life of an idea, product, person, or place.

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