Grey Days

Eindhoven/Amsterdam (NL)

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Grey Days is a four piece punkrock band risen from the ashes of Dependent , Ass If and Hemaroids (not dead!)

In 2010 they released their first EP "Age of Reason" featuring 7 honest, emotional punkrocksongs. Touring europe and playing shows all over the country is hopefully what 2010 will bring.

Grey Days is a band that holds old friendships and a lifetime passion for punkrock withing their ranks. Playing shows stands for and infectious mix of energy, pleasure and carrying out a message with serious passion.

These are the Grey Days.... And with our music we try to break free from them.. This music has inspired us through the years that have past and will inspire us for the years yet to come…. It revives us when where asleep and numb, keeps us awake during our work throughout the week…. It is the fuel for the fire in our hearts…. We promised ourselves, never stop making this music…. Resist falling asleep and proudly face the.... Grey Days

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