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  1. 55:57

    a bill miller student work

    by a bill miller

    2 Videos

    videos from student projects etc

  2. 43:54

    a. bill miller video artworks

    by a bill miller

    13 Videos

    mix/collection of variety of videos art projects videos are not part of any particular series have been screened or shown in a variety of settings

  3. 50:45

    gridworks videos

    by a bill miller

    17 Videos

    variety of other gridworks videos mostly these are complete projects, but not part of other series some have been screened/shown in a variety of contexts some are also recordings of live performances

  4. 32:39

    gridSol works

    by a bill miller

    9 Videos

    videos in the gridSol series text/typographic compositions gridSol videos are a part of an ongoing series that work to evoke a sense of wonderment in a technological cosmos. they use only text characters…

  5. 35:55

    Music Videos

    by a bill miller

    10 Videos

    Music videos I've created for a variety of musicisians/groups.

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