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With more than twelve years of experience in the visual effects field, CG animation and commercial visual FX and a strong familiarity with some of the main software (Softimage XSI and Photoshop, ecc). I have the technical knowledge to work to most levels of creativity giving a precious contribute to the production. I also developed a good aesthetic taste with an eye for detail.
In the past years I developed the skills to work creatively as 3D modeler (nurbs and polygonal), texture artist, Illustrator and Matte painter and visualizer. My strength is to create realistic models, complete of materials and texture, starting with the development of the idea. I have a particular skills for the drawing and good knowledge of anatomy for the study of characters, a strong artistic background and a strong imagination. I think about taking into account all aspects that are needed to reach the final model, ideal for the next step of processing. Furthermore I have worked closely with professionals from various production's departments, interacting with them to guarantee the best quality in the pipeline. This passion for design, 3d and vfx are some of the ways by which I can express my talent. In addition my background over studio to Fine Art , is like street-artist. Over the years I am dedicated to figurative painting, airbrush, illustration, and design typography to photography. In those years I exhibit in Bologna, Milan, London, New York.
all this makes me even more enthusiastic and stubborn to continue on my way

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