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Remiro, Iñaki / Guiu, Adriá


Adrià Guiu (Barcelona, 1980) and Iñaki Remiro (Pamplona, 1978), founded in 2005 this specialized design and consultancy office based in Barcelona that has recognized works in fields such as product, furniture, household, lighting, packaging and exhibition design. Since 2000 they worked hard and have collaborated with in companies and studios such as Henkel, Sanofi-Aventis, Martin Azúa Studio, Ikea and Coleman-Schmidlin as area manager and designer (part Iñaki’s CV) and Mobles114, Miscel•lania or Ricard Salvadó as designer and developer (in Adrià’s CV). Their knowledge is also complemented by the associated and partners experiences in various companies, institutions and agencies. Their continuous work revolves around the investigation, conceptualization and innovation of their products. GR have received international design awards for some of their products.

GR works with companies to strategically differentiate their product and make it more competitive through creativity and design management, through the conceptualization, design, innovation, product development, packaging and point of sale. Their work and collaboration is a permanent dialogue by their differing personalities and shared perfectionism and are always looking for quality. We do shelves for MO (martinez otero), decanters and magazines racks for Balvi, furniture accessories for Nani Marquina, sofas for Joquer, spoons and palettes for Fervik, bath accessories for Neo Dek, packaging and commercial stationeries for Sandro Desii, or coffee makers for Valira.


The usual journey in their design begins with a hard reflection, a looking for the needs to the customers and our client and their market requirements. Within this context, our practice is as much to do with observation and collation as with pure invention. Each of their products is considered by their cautious research into the history of design and architecture and their passion for technology and materials. GR likes to talk about their pieces are talking of simplicity

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