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nomadic in nature, i have lived in Clinton Township, Sterling Heights & East Lansing Michigan, Dublin Ireland and Chicago Illinois. i thrive on interaction with fascinating people. my threshold for boredom is rather low. i am ridiculously enthusiastic when engaing in artistic pursuits. when i dance, i feel truly alive. my 12-years-younger sister is one of the most brilliant people i know. i dated the cab driver that brought me from the aeropuerto to my hotel the first time i was in mexico city. i sometimes drink alone. when i was a child, i was aroused by 'the king' lion automatron at chuck e. cheese. i once blew up a former lover's mailbox with an M-80. when i become extremely inebriated, i mysteriously take on an irish accent. i think cats are more intelligent than people. i got chicken pox on christmas day when i was 7. i obsess about spacial relationships. i still own VHS & cassette tapes. i hurled on a police officer. a friend once told me that i 'collect virgins like trophies'. i can sing in 4 different languages. i kicked steve's ass at boggle. i taught myself to ride a two-wheeler. i was voted class clown in high school. i once fell off the back of a pub. i'm delighted that my eyes are green. i still think lawn jobs are hilarious. i often run into famous people in the city and mistake them for assholes i'm trying to avoid. i completely dig rollercoasters. swimming makes me forget the world. traveling gives me a fantastic buzz. i'm secretly a bit of an idealist.

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