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I was born in Moscow in December 17, 1975.
Since 1983 till 1992: study at middle school №913 and at art-school №1 in Moscow.
1998: graduated from VGIK (The Russian Federation State Institute of Cinematography), the workshop of direction of animation and computer graphic.
1998-2000: took part in the full-length animation film “Noviye Bremenskie” (Russia) as a director.
Since 2000 till 2001: worked at Moscow animation studios as a director and animator.
Since 2000 and as currently: work as video-edition director and an artist of computer graphic at the Television Company “Ostankyno” (Moscow) and make my new film “Pasiuk” (VGIK-studio).

Since 2000: I’m a member of The Russian Federation Union of Cinematographers.

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