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  1. Tabletop Reel

    27 videos

  2. Content Reel

    16 videos

  3. Service Reel

    15 videos

  4. Erica Brumage Showreel

    10 videos

    Erica's background and entry into film has been shaped by her experience in theatre and dance and she has a very strong awareness and understanding of current styles and trends and she incorporates this into her work. Erica is a true visionary.

  5. Thomas Ferreira Showreel

    12 videos

    Thomas is one of South Africa's most sought after music video directors, working with our top bands and musicians. Thomas' relaxed and friendly manner with people manages to derive a very natural performance from his cast, which comes across in his films. He has recently branched out into…

  6. Iain Campbell Showreel

    14 videos

    Iain's expertise in lighting food and liquid combined with his remarkable eye and impeccable attention to detail, have made him one of the most sought after tabletop directors worldwide. Iain is a calm and dedicated master at the art of tabletop.

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