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GROUNDS is a new animated web series starring Ricki Rumbaugh, Created by Lou D'Ambrosio and Andrew Phillips, new episodes will be premiering soon... in the meantime, get to know each character...

RICKI- Co-owner of "The Jumping Bean". Newly single. Looking for love and just trying to go one day without spilling coffee on herself.

EUGENE CARSON- Former Zoo-keeper, forever conservationist. Manager of the coffee shop and dedicated to his causes. High on the drug of adventure, inebriated on the alcohol of ambition.

BABY- Employee of the Month, every month. With her green streaked hair, Baby adds some much needed flair to the coffee shop. If she ever had a day off she'd probably spend it with some cottage cheese at the local diner.

LOU- A 7 year old trapped in the body of a twenty something. Spends most of his time hanging out in the coffee shop or his apartment above. Likes: Ratman Comics, short walks on the beach, emerging rap artists. Dislikes: Actual rats, working too much.

ANDREW- Lou's best friend and roommate, Ricki's ex-fiance and business partner. Andrew is like a modern day, animated, male, non hat wearing Mary Tyler Moore for a new generation.


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