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Groundwork Promotions specializes in social media campaigns. We develop strategies, produce content & run promotions to communicate your message & vision.

Each person we work with, each business we promote, each has a message they live day to day. It is the root of what makes them unique. And the heart of what we work to communicate.


  1. Crown Chimp Productions
  2. Crown Chimp Films
  3. John Sears
  5. James Gregg
  6. Clear Films Productions
  7. Dyan Bone
  8. Mike O'Dea
  9. Adam Cooper Kemp
  10. Big Bang Lab
  11. Jason Grant-Henriques
  12. Kiklops
  13. Ari Davis
  14. Enrique Pacheco
  15. Isaac Holze
  16. James Longley
  17. Harald Sandø
  18. sefa karatekin