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Chunky chunky guitar, big bad beats and banshee vocals is why I love Super Wild Horses. Back in the original punk days, I got into these female punks bands that took a kitchen-sink approach to Rock'N'Roll. Bands like X-Ray-Spex, The Slits, The Mo-Dettes, The Raincoats, Au Pairs, Kleenex (which were forced to change their name to Lillyput) and so forth. They spawned a whole new generation of bands and gave me one of my all time favourites like PYLON! In their day, they were raw, in your face, confrontational and got no airplay. It was like a my own personal hidden treasure of music. I loved it because it was so different, alive and vibrant.

Super Wild Horses follows in this fine tradition, they are truly a unique band bringing something new to my appreciative ears.

Super Wild Horses are always great to see live. I love the interplay that Amy and Hayley has on stage, were they share vocal duties and swap guitars and drums. No wonder they got picked up a major corporation for the soundtrack on a Bond's commercial on TV and are getting major airplay on the radio. After a solid sold out EP, which had the stellar track "What Started The Noise" it great to finally get a full album from Super Wild Horses.


j vimeo.com/13794153

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