We Love Music

We achieved full marks, 15 out of 15, for our music video - which we were exceptionally pleased with!

We took the escapism aspect of the lyrics and played around with the idea of using toys or miniature objects - something instantly relatable to. Finally we thought of building a city made entirely out of cardboard - complete with cars, roadsigns and it's very own bar - "The Box"!

"A curious letter is picked up and opened by Matt, inviting him to a party in Cardboard City. He sets off immediately and drives through a portal to reach 'The City'."

Starting out with 2 car loads of cardboard...
50 cardboard buildings
20 tables
8 hours to set up in TV Studio
7 rolls of parcel paper
6 mini mannequins
5 rolls of tape
5 big LED lights
3 days of filming
3 sets of fairy lights

Rough cut of "Making Of": vimeo.com/61852512

Look out for "Hemes Dreams", "The Oscar's Restaurant" and "Holmes Homes"!!

For university assignment purposes only.
Video Recording and Production CE00659-6
Staffordshire University

Matthew Hemes
Tom Holmes
Oscar Chapman

Original music video: youtube.com/watch?v=iqUBmeFn7qM
Madeon's tracks are available on iTunes: itunes.apple.com/gb/album/the-city-original/id562244040?i=562244041&uo=4

j vimeo.com/63867656

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