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Video clip realizado con Muscumuna Films. Fue un video totalmente improvisado de un dia para el otro, porque vino un canal frances a grabarnos rodando algo, asi que tuvimos que inventarnos este rodaje rapidamente para que nos grabaran en el proceso. Hangar Films nos ayudo una vez mas con su locacion y luces totalmente gratis. Muchas gracias!!!! Igual no quedo tan mal, para ser totalmente improvisado.

Another music video made by Muscumuna Films. It was a completely improvised from one day to the other video, because a French channel came to interview us and show us shooting something, so we had to invent this shoot quickly so they could record us in the process. Hangar Films helped us once again with his location and totally lights for free! Thank you very much!!! I think it didn’t go so badly, to have been completely improvised.

j vimeo.com/79440094

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