We Love Music

In honor of our nations b-day, The Brothers Buoy present this epically loving tribute to all this 'Merica. We love the 4th of July with all of our hearts and we love to be able to express and share that love with this little video. Enjoy!
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Staring: Graham, Jack and Kit Buoy
Directors: Noël Bishop and Graham Burns
DP: Rakan Shaker
Editor: Graham Burns
Production Assistant: Chris Cabezudo

MUSIC CREDITS (in order of appearance):
The Star Spangled Banner (Live) - Jimi Hendrix
Disparate Youth (Jacuzzi Remix) - Santigold
Aretha Franklin - One Step Ahead (Empire State Riddim) - Mash-up by Xaphoon Jones

j vimeo.com/99948817

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