100% Bodyboard

Few years ago i booked an around the world ticket with the Nomad team with first stop being Cloud Nine in the Philippines, for me it was a dream come true, i had a picture of cloud nine on my school book right back in primary school, and since then ive always wanted to surf the place
I needed to get it good, i couldnt go there and not get waves, but on arrival hearing that there hadnt been waves there in the past 6 weeks i was loosing hope fast, maps didnt look promising and 4 days into the trip and not seeing a wave over 1 foot i was starting to get worried
It wasnt until around the 6th day we woke up to the sound of waves, that sound didnt stop for the next 5 days, a dream come true for sure, just barrels and ramps for 5 days straight
I was cleaning out an old room when i came across a CD with “Philos-Matt” written on it, the thing was sitting in an old shoe box, turns out it was bunch of footage a guy shot while on holidays there with his wife
I dumped it into final cut and threw a quick edit together

Matt Lackey


j vimeo.com/13530799

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