John Wilson's HIgh-Speed Group


Today we was invited to play a little with the Phantom Flex 4k prototype in tour here in Brazil.
This is a 940 fps shot , 180 degrees, 35mm T1.5 CP2 Super Speed lens.
The scene was shot @ DVPro in Belo Horizonte, with available lights (fluorescent) against a window in a cloudy day.
the hand area was 110 Fc and the window area 780 Fc. (Not flicker at all)

The vertical doted lines is an error from camera.. maybe because we didn't Black Balance.. A MUST each time you change frame speed..
(remember is just a prototype running around the world .. this afternoon is flying to Santiago Chile)

This prototype, can't save any files to the cine magazine, just we could saved this shot from the floating memory..
This test was only focused to see how this new project from vision research is going.. especially in terms of digital noise....

First thoughts: they are going really well.. looking forward to use it in the near future...

Marcelo Alvim
Henrique Melo
+ DVPro

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