Notturno is a tale of shadows and sounds.
It's the labour of men in pitch darkness, amidst the flames of heavy industry.
It's the tale of a timeless place plunged into the same dimness dwelling in Hephaestus forge, in the alchemist lab, in the secret chamber where Zeus concealed ligthning.
An ash-grey recess seems to extend unending, down to the innermost Earth's ravines, now shaken by thunders, now clutched by the shrill wailing of Cyclopean machinery, now shrouded by flames tall as buildings.
In the night of Rubiera, men and women summon fire monsters, while the town all around sleeps. Unaware.

A film and a music performance with the lights and sounds of the steel foundry.
Filmed in super8 (kodak Tri-x)and recorded at the Acciaierie di Rubiera (RE) in 2010

Friday November 5th, 2010 - Teatro Valli - Reggio nell'Emilia

Commissioner: I Teatri (Reggio nell'Emilia)
Production: AGON (2010)

Direction and Photography: Giorgio Sancristoforo
Sound: Giuseppe Cordaro and Giorgio Sancristoforo
Head of production: Massimo Marchi
Organization: Dalila Sena
Text: Silvia Sartorio


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