''Bottom Of The Ladder' is inspired by the frustration of being stuck in limbo – climbing some ladder, sticking to some societal framework, and doing so seemingly forever and without progress. A Sisyphusian struggle. Discouraged with making ends meet for his family, the speaker dreams of jumping off that ladder and abandoning the life he's been expected to live.'' - Vikesh Kapoor

Made by translating Vikesh's song into a 'film score'. The film score is a set of visual instructions for how and what to shoot on a single roll of 16mm film. The score is sent to a collaborator and they shoot the first roll. That material is sent to back to me and I film a short response on a different roll of film and splice the two together. The film score series explores the possibilities of epistolary long distance collaboration and the translation between medium (song to film score, film score to film).

Made under the auspices of a Fulbright grant funded by the Austrian-American Educational Commission.

Camera - Zia Anger
Film Assistant - Deana LeBlanc
Film by Randy Sterling Hunter

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