In Sebesh, a small town of
Transsylvania(Romania) strange
things happen as technology
and science clash with ancestral
habits and myths.

Transsylvania is no longer what
it used to be. Two thousand
years of turmoil have left their
traces on places and especially
on the minds of people.
Good and evil are mixed up to
the point of loosing their

This is a parody, based on
characters and music from the
original Star Wars trilogy.
All original Star Wars content
are registered trademarks of
Lucasfilm Ltd. This production is
not sponsored, endorsed or
affiliated with Lucasfilm Ltd.
or any of its subsidiaries or
affiliated companies and/or
third party licensors.

(in order of apparance)

Victor Schneider
Eulian Ander
Lenu Mișca
Alex Todea
Teo Moga
Claudiu Mărginean
Roxana Cristea
Roxana Schneider
Eduard Schneider
Dan Fiscutean
Andrei Fiscutean
Bogdan Moga
Horațiu David

Written, Directed & Edited by:
Eduard Scheider

Director of Photography:
Ciprian Boca

Alexandru Schiau

Visual Effects by:
Cristian “Freespace” Scubli
Alexandru “Dexter” Manea

John Williams
Piotr Musial
Nicolae Beșleagă
except End Credits music
Samples of Marcel Berki
“Tu ești fericirea mea”

Canon EOS Cameras & Lenses
Zacuto Camera Grip
Kessler Cine Slider

This is a fan film. It will not be
sold or screened and no profit
will be made out of it. None
of the participants (crew or
cast) have been paid and
it all happened on a no-budget
Enjoy it and have fun as we did
shooting it and putting it all

Special thanks to Lucasfilm Ltd.
for letting this happen.


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