Bordello Diaries

Part 1 Starts Here:

This is Part 9 of an 11 part series.

Bordello Diaries - A hilarious look behind-the-scenes of a catty, underground urban whorehouse.

- You don't pay a prostitute for sex - you pay her to leave!

- The laughs are free - the sex isn't...

- Uncut, unhinged and unrated...

- The dirtiest comedy of the year.

- For people who long for that sinful and seemingly lost cinema-going-experience: the midnight-sex-comedy.


The production was shot during the famous extra-tropical winter cyclone that hit Vancouver the week before Christmas of 2006, destroying much property and toppling thousands of trees in the area - wrapping mere hours before the worst of the (near biblical) deluge. In one scene you can see the wind outside blowing around the local vegetation. Despite the poor weather, all of the production's exterior scenes occurred, rather fortuitously, during breaks in the storm.

The movie's crew play themselves throughout the film - from director Robert D. Brooks playing the interviewer/director to Crazy Mike, the film's production assistant playing the Mime. Two of the film's associate producers (Shawn Cooke and Ryan Horley) play cops. Key PA Jesse Lalime plays the Prison Guard.

In yet another sign of the changing times the digital revolution has brought upon us, Robert D. Brooks completed all the film's post-production himself - from the colour correction all the way through to the audio mix - in his spare time and on his home PC (using software costing less than a thousand dollars) - and in HDTV and 5.1 stereo, no less! The entire production was digital (HDTV 720p) and never touched tape or film (the master footage was all contained on two 320 gig portable hard drives). In order to edit the film, he needed to install more than 1 terabyte of hard-drives into his computer and purchase another terabyte of external drives to hold everything.


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