Pearl is a wonderful woman. Active in her church and a college graduate, she is a mother of 7 kids, and owns several rental properties. She loves her town, but has been the victim of multiple break ins.

In 2011, Pearl decided to take her daughter's advice and purchase a security system. She was out of town one day when an intruder broke into the home, heard the system going off, and pulled the panel off the wall. Attempting to not only silence it but disable it, the intruder smashed the panel and made sure the battery was disconnected. "Surely this will eliminate the system's ability to communicate" he must have thought. He was wrong.

When the door was opened it immediately sent a signal to the monitoring station. The monitoring station awaited a "disarm" command, but when all communication from the panel stopped, the system indicated "potential crash and smash." Knowing this meant that there was not only someone inside, but someone who believed they were safe from detection, the call to police dispatch went quickly. Benton Harbor's finest arrived a few minutes later, covered all the exits, and stormed inside the house.

12 minutes after he disabled the panel, the individual was caught by the officers of Benton Harbor Township Police Department. He was found in Pearl's office, attempting to unhook the computer. The only thing that left Pearl's house that day was a proud arresting officer and a man in handcuffs.

Pearl's door frames were broken, a window shattered, but her insurance covered it all and she sleeps easier at night. "I arm my system all the time." she confesses with a smile. "When I'm gone, when I'm at home, whether I'm awake or not, I keep it armed."

We are grateful to the Pearl Lewis and her family, and Detective Sergeant Jeff Faraone and the Benton Harbor Township police department for their help in telling this story.

Pinnacle Security is proud to offer security solutions to individuals like Pearl who now enjoy the peace of mind that comes from securing the things that matter most.

Visit PinnacleSecurity.com for information on Pinnacle Security products and services that could bring you the same peace of mind Pearl enjoys.

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