CINEMA "Picture Style"

Update: here's the same footage with noise reduction

This is my first test shoot with the Cinema Picture Style. Shot tonight in Riga, Latvia. There is no colour correction or noise reduction so basically what you see is how it looked when I shot it.

Shot on a Canon 600d (T3i) and a Nikon D 50mm F1.8 (manual control) at 24fps/1080p with Magic Lantern (Nov 3rd release).

Manual WB set at 4300k ISO 800-1600 used with the 50mm set between F1.8 - F4.

The shot at 1:07 uses the 600d 3x crop zoom hence the lower quality.

This has been transcoded to MP4 before uploading to Vimeo using a 10Mbps VBR so A LOT of resolution (and sharpness) has been lost. The original H.264 files look fantastic but a little dark so I might try again with a slight contrast reduction.

All settings of the picture style are as it comes except for sharpness which I reduced from 3 to 1 (this is my personal taste and according to Canon they recommend reducing sharpness for wide shots and increasing it for close ups which is a new way of doing least to me it is).

First thoughts...

I haven't shot much at night but when I have I found it surprisingly difficult using Cinestyle (my usual Pic style). I was curious about the Cinema Picture Style and a little skeptical because you have to pay $19 for it but I'm glad I did. I literally bought it a couple of hours before shooting and this was intended simply as a test for me to familiarize myself with it in a difficult (for me) shooting situation. It handles noise very well and is quite easy to get exposure (although I've only shot at night with it ATM) It's actually bloody amazing!! :)

When i get chance I'll run the shots through a denoiser and tweak the colour/gamma a little to see how well it grades but I'm pretty happy with how it looks already so that's going to be just out of curiosity.

I'm not affiliated with the creator and I might be just an amateur but I can happily recommend the Cinema Picture Style to anyone shooing on a Canon DSLR.

You can get it here:

I appreciate your comments and suggestions :)



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